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"Do what you love and the money will follow. "

Rachel Bingham is walking proof of that advice. She has found a way to blend her anthropology degree with what she really loves: jewelry making. She's the beauty and brains behind Bang Bang Bijoux

She is committed to reducing waste, finding interesting treasures, and creating something beautiful while she's at it. This is so neat: she finds old factory leftovers of bangles and baubles made decades ago that would otherwise be thrown away, and uses them in her new jewelry. So that necklace you buy could have a charm that is from the 1960s, worn for the first time by you. She's also scouring the globe for antique keys, heirloom objects, and other interesting pieces that can be incorporated into her work.

There is never more than 3 of each design made, so you know that you'll be sporting a very special piece of jewelry. 

And for all the brides looking for the perfect accessories, Bang Bang Bijoux can make custom pieces for your special day - something new and completely you, or using family treasures for a meaningful piece. 

Bang Bang Bijoux is available for collecting at Bamboo Ballroom, Thread Hill, Carbon, Ponytails & Horseshoes, and next month in Groove Stone


How to make a simple, nostalgic charm necklace

We were lucky enough to have Rachel walk us through making our own charm necklace! You'll need:

  • 3 objects (2 small, 1 long or large) - find pieces that speak to you. Perhaps a loose charm from your grandmother's collection, old hardware from your dad's shop, an antique coin from your last vacation (make sure it isn't in circulation anymore)
  • A chain. Find one at an antique store or put two chains together. Mixing metals will match a variety of charms
  • Jumps rings - available at Beadworks  
  • Needlenose pliers

Lay out the largest object. Balance both sides with the smaller objects. Play around with the positioning. Differing sizes work best. Mix it up with silver, gold, bronze, shiny, dull. Once you have a combination that you love, use jump rings to add them to the chain.