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Changes are taking place in High Street's pocket of lovely, and while we were sad to see the doors of Shambles, Tin Box, and Notables close earlier this year, we are excited to see the next generation slowly emerge.

One such boutique is Harlow, which opened to the public in early May. Harlow is part of the  Lyndale Accents family (which is located in Crestwood) and has provided endless gift options for the last 15 years. Upon learning about the changes and closures in High Street, Sandy Gillis (owner) saw an opportunity to expand what the well-known gift shop had to offer. Harlow, a lifestyle boutique, was born with the vision of attracting a slightly younger market, and striking that fine balance of trendy without getting too age specific. From clothing to stationery, and home decor to darling baby attire, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Harlow and many others have a lot to offer when it comes to gifts, particularly anniversary gifts. We’re venturing a guess that with all of the weddings that take place during the summer months, you have an anniversary gift or two that you’re on the hunt for. After a little bit of fun research, we put together the following collection of ideas which we hope inspires you to find that perfect gift.

Anniversary Gift Guide

Did you know there is a certain gift you should get depending on the years of marriage you're celebrating (example: wood, linen, china, jewelry, etc.)? There are many modern and traditional versions of what the order of gifts is, but here is our take on it:

  1. Linens || Restoration Hardware
  2. His & Hers glass water bottles || Harlow
  3. Pearl ring || Tiffany & Co.
  4. His & Hers gold watches || People’s
  5. China – Kate Spade New York || The Bay
  6. Cutting board & oil || 29 Armstrong
  7. Fashion Jewelry – Alex & Ani || Harlow
  8. Clock || 29 Armstrong
  9. Atlas bowl || Tiffany & Co.
  10. Desk set || Anthropologie 
  11. Blue glass vase || The Bay
  12. Black jade cuff links || Tiffany & Co.

Can't Miss Event!

If the shopping alone isn’t enough of a draw to the area, allow us to entice you with upcoming party details! Harlow will be hosting a cul-de-sac party that marks the closing of the 102 Street bridge with food trucks, DJs and neighbouring restaurants, making it an enjoyable evening for all. Bonus: an additional 35 parking spots will be created to ease access to the area during the construction period!

When: July 6, 2014
Where: 102 Street and 125 Street
Cost: Free!

Harlow (12539-102 Avenue, 780-705-7940,, Facebook, Twitter)