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Tucked away in an industrial park in the northwest part of our city is a humble, wood-filled space that churns out unique, high end solid wood furniture. Izm Modern Furniture was born out of two friends who joined forces in 2003. Jerad Mack, design virtuoso and one of two owners, trained under a master craftsman in Cuba. The second half of this duo, Shane Pawluk, is the concept and development expert and was influenced by his parents, who over the years, have sought out high-quality and timeless furniture for their home. Together they proudly bring you one-of-a-kind, hand crafted furniture that's making serious waves in the design world outside of Edmonton.

Modern, architectural and minimalist in its esthetic, Izm originals are carefully designed to stand out from the rest. The designers stick to clean lines and strive to create heirloom-quality pieces with each design they undertake. Wood is a natural, organic material, and requires care and precision when chopping, altering and creating something with it. For Jerad and Shane, the process goes something like this: cut, acclimate, let wood relax. Repeat.


When asked what is the number one design question people ask them, they replied in unison “Why is your furniture so expensive?” If you consider value per use, then it’s a simple calculation. Forever pieces, such as dining and coffee tables, are built to last and finished to age gracefully. A purchase from Izm equates to a distinct lifetime piece, sure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Shane (left) and Jerad and their beautiful designs at a recent pop up shop in Vancouver.

Shane (left) and Jerad and their beautiful designs at a recent pop up shop in Vancouver.

IZM (14231 130 Avenue, 780.452.1600,