shop :: Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace is a new line of clothing out of Vancouver. It is available online to start, and will be setting up shop on Whyte Avenue later in the Fall. The founders of Kit and Ace (from the Lululemon family) designed the line for those who go from 6am to 10pm - working out, meeting friends, going into the office, and out for working dinners. It's easy West Coast style combined with classic tailoring.

Kit and Ace spent the last year determining what goes into their fabric. Lucky for us, it has cashmere blended into all of their pieces! If that isn't exciting enough on its own, here's three more words: machine. washable. cashmere. Yes! Details are what matter most to Kit and Ace, and it shows in their choice of quality over quantity. 

Another great thing about the Kit and Ace brand is their approach to retail shopping. They are kind of doing things in reverse with the online shop first followed by stores popping up across Western Canada later this year. They are eager to build a community around their brand and will be using the space as a meeting place with supper clubs, art installations, and local art and design integrated into the space. 

We can't wait to see how the store looks and get ourselves into some Kit and Ace! 

All images from their swoon-worthy website