shop :: Knifewear + Kent of Inglewood

Knifewear is a recent addition to Whyte Avenue offering a lot more than just knives for sale. Knifewear has everything you'd need to go with your handmade Japanese knives: sharpening stones, knife rolls & bags, specialty cookbooks, and cutting boards.

The selection of knives is overwhelming, but don't worry! They're here to walk you through your options. The knives don't just cater to the most professional of chefs - anyone can get a basic, multi-purpose knife for around $100 (completely handmade for just $175).

Visitors to the shop can get an education about knife types and test drive some by cutting tomatoes and potatoes. You can bring in your knives for sharpening, or sign up for their weekly sharpening classes where you learn how to do it yourself (Thursdays, 2 hrs, $60, bring 1-2 knives). Soon, they will be offering a new "Cut Like a Chef" class where you'll learn cutting techniques too.

Kent of Inglewood

Kent of Inglewood is a mini store within Knifewear extending their sharp offerings into mens products. For dapper gentlemen, they have safety razors, straight razors, shaving brushes and all the grooming products you'd need. Hey all you nostalgia lovers, they have vintage stock that was produced long ago, but never been used. For manly-men: they have pocket knives, hatchets, and axes! 

A great, classic shave is more affordable than you may think: All the tools you need costs about $89. Safety razors start around $35 with replacement blades ranging from $0.50-$1 each. 

Let us remind you that Father's Day is on Sunday, June 15th...

Knifewear (10816-82 Ave, 587-521-2034,