shop :: Mini Privé - Contemporary Kids Fashion

Mini Privé is a newly launched Edmonton company helping kids outdress their parents. We sat down with the owner (and delightful kindred spirit), Adrianne Thomson, to chat about the new venture. She's bringing contemporary kids fashion to youngsters while gaining the attention of parents across Canada and USA.

Mini Privé is perfect for the moms and dads who would rather be spending time with their family than fighting crowds in busy malls. The completely online shop makes it easy to get your hands on cool pieces for oh-so-individual kids. The limited edition lines are high quality, long lasting garments that are all sweat-shop free. We're not talking fast fashion here - think: quality, stylish hand-me-downs.

Besides offering five brands from around the world including Mini Rodini and Nununu (often spotted on celebrities' kids), they are also stealing hearts with their wonderfully styled lookbooks

The high fashion pieces are more accessibly priced than you may think (hello, kids, nieces and nephews)! To make it even better you'll receive free shipping on your order using the promo code CITYANDDALE until the end of June. Happy shopping!