shop :: Where We Are From at Royal Bison


Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair is happening this weekend (Friday-Sunday)! This is one of our favourite fairs because all the vendors go through a competitive selection process to ensure we see the best of the best.

To give you an example of the talent you'll meet and shop from, I chatted with Jaime Calayo, the designer behind an inspiring project called Where We Are From

Where We Are From combines the community spirit and creativity that City and Dale loves to celebrate. Jaime lives in Edmonton but felt like he was a stranger to many of the places in his hometown. The best way he learns is through creating something from his research, so he designed a collection of graphic icons that represent the communities in Edmonton.

He reached out to community leagues and interviewed friends. Two books really helped him: Volunteers and Naming Edmonton. The icons created so far have sparked debates about what should represent each neighbourhood and Jaime loves this. His end goal with the project is to set up a website where Edmontonians can offer feedback and give other ideas for the icons. It will be an ever-evolving collection of "logos" that represent history and stories in each place rather than the houses and streets that first come to mind.


What are a few interesting icons that stand out in Jaime's mind?

  • Mayfield is named after Wop May, a World War I fighter pilot that disputably shot down the Red Baron. There was a landing strip built for May in what we now know as Mayfield.
  • Elmwood was originally developed for veterans and their families. When they came home from duty, they were given an elm tree to plant along the streets in their neighbourhood.
  • Greenfield is home to some friends that showed him the remains of tree houses from many generations that can still be spotted in a forest in the neighbourhood. 

You can purchase a poster with over 120 icons from the Where We Are From collection. Jaime will be there to hear your thoughts on each icon and learn more about where you are from. When you see him, be sure to let him know that the treelined streets belong in Glenora, not Oliver.

What: Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair
When: November 29-December 1
Where: 8426 Gateway Blvd
Tickets: $2 at the door