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Take a moment to imagine layers upon layers of fine and beautiful textiles. Patterns, colors and textures abundantly fill the shelves that line the perimeter of a quaint studio space. Colorful spools of thread and the most delicate beads, lace, and adornments come to life as Kathleen Todoruk of Todoruk Designs creates beautiful bespoke pieces, ready to call your closet their new home.

Talking fashion with Kathleen was like giving life to the bust forms upon which her creations are gracefully draped. Her business is built on a true love and appreciation for the textiles themselves, and an understanding of how perseverant they can be when great craftsmanship transforms these fabrics into a garment with a great story behind it. It comes down to translating design essentials into wearable and lovable pieces which become more lovable with time.


The design process is like combining the components of a recipe. Key ingredients include the client, the vision, and a conversation around the lifestyle and personal elements that paints the bigger picture in which this creative journey plays a role. Here is what you can expect if you were to engage in this personalized service:

  • Initial meeting to discuss desired garment
  • Measurements are taken
  • Decide on, and order, fabrics required
  • Between the order and arrival of the fabric, a couple more fittings will take place.
    A mock up on the bust form will be created at this stage.
  • Total time from concept to wearable garment can take up to a few months
    less involved pieces are easily designed/produced within a very manageable time frame. Clients don't always have to wait a month or two!)

Todoruk Designs is where your made-to-measure dreams come true. It is also where Kathleen and her design assistant, Niki Pasini, can help you can create your own red carpet.

On the note of red carpet...

You can see Todoruk Design originals and show your support for the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society at the Uniquely Me Fashion Show. This gala fundraiser event takes place on September 11, 2014, and ticket information can be found here

Todoruk Designs (#201, 10359 104 Street,