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You can think of Workhall Boutique as Edmonton’s gateway to fresh and contemporary fashion. Each thoughtfully designed piece hangs pristinely from the racks in this open and minimalist space fittingly located on one of downtown’s swankiest streets.

Emphasized in their mission, Workhall is passionate about introducing and promoting Alberta labels. Nicole Campre established the boutique on this very premise. In addition to growing the local brands they carry, Nicole and her staff work towards raising the profile of shopping locally by fostering thoughtful consumerism. This lean team of three; Nicole - founder, Kari Haddad - Sales Director, and Jillian Richards - Marketing, ensures that Workhall remains proactive and progressive by keeping their consumer in mind and translating the passion and story behind each and every piece.

Three local brands are currently available at Workhall: Campre, Axis Mundi and Hunt Amor. These will be coming to a doorstep near you as the team launches an online store in the coming weeks. An in-house label, appropriately named Workhall, is also in development, with an anticipated June 2014 launch.

We can’t wait to make another trip to Workhall, and we encourage you to do the same - sooner, rather than later.

Workhall Boutique (#102, 10137-104 Street, 780.224.3686, www.workhallboutique.comFacebookTwitter)