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Do you remember the days of hand written notes? It’s hard to think back to an addressed, stamped, and slightly weathered envelope, and how much happiness its contents would bring. Now, we have the luxury of information at our fingertips (literally) and the ability to communicate with a few quick key strokes. Type. Type. Click send.

The art of hand writing has made a comeback in the most personalized and ethereal way. Justine Ma, master calligrapher and the incredibly talented woman behind her freelance business, longed for this nostalgic form of communication to be mainstream again. So she slowly started making it her own mainstream. What initially started as a project from her art director in 2010 has now turned into a freelance career that keeps her sketchpad full of inspired doodles and illustrations.

Trained and educated in design, and experienced in both small and large firms, she brings vast knowledge to the table with any new undertaking. Well known and highly respected amongst her peers in the industry, you can’t help but enjoy meeting and working with her.

Justine’s writing really is a thing of beauty, which just so happens to match her personality. Her gorgeous work can be spotted throughout our city: the chalkboard price list at Jacek Chocolate, prints and greeting cards at Plum Home + Design, and numerous creative identities gracing blogs, websites and business cards. Of course, there is also the personalized aspect that comes along with wedding invitations, bridal shower cards, and one of her latest and cutest ventures – hand lettered baby onesies!

The options are endless when it comes to this gal. Write on!

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