The Best Goodbye - Thank You for 5 Years

Over 5 years ago, I started City and Dale. From the beginning my intention was for the site to act as an open love letter to the city I choose to call home, Edmonton. I wanted to share the best in fun, eats, fashion, shopping and happenings. By blogging regularly, I created a digital space for others to explore Edmonton. During this time, business owners invited me into their shops and restaurants. I attended cool events. I met great people. I had so many coffee dates with passionate Edmontonians. I shared the contributions of people committed to building a great city. We’re finally arriving. Five years ago, I felt passionately Edmonton had stories that needed to be shared. Now, there’s more people telling the stories of Edmonton – through podcasts, websites, blogs, instagram, twitter, video - making City and Dale less relevant. It makes me really happy.

A lot happens in five years. Personally, I married. I moved into my thirties. I started a company. My interests changed. Two years ago, I mostly stepped away from City and Dale because I craved more time with people and less time with my computer. Already a contributor at the time, Gillian Thomson, took over City and Dale including the managing, writing and storytelling. For two years, Gillian’s done a remarkable job. Through Gillian’s experience with City and Dale, she discovered her favourite aspect was interviewing the people building our city. This transformed into her latest project – The Noteworthy (it’s awesome!).

It’s the right time for City and Dale to end. As with most goodbyes, there are an impossible number of people to thank. So I’ll keep it simple: Thank you to everyone who spent time in our little digital corner. Unlike most goodbyes, this one is not sad. This project has run its course. I can’t wait to see what we – the city, the people, the creatives – create next.

Thank you for sharing 5+ years with us.

With gratitude,
Kendall & Gillian 

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p.s. You can always go back through our Edmonton discoveries in the City and Dale Archives.